We work in a carefully designed service delivery architecture where our success corresponds to the success of our clients. We provide, highly trained and talented professional with a record of excellent work ethic and delivery while keeping extreme care of the clients’ needs and work environment as we realize that to be truly successful our implementation must align with clients’ corporate goals and strategy.

About Us

Sankar Inc. helps its clients to increase their operational efficiency and align the IT and Business by offering host of value-added technology solutions and services. We are one of the leading service providers in business solutions for IT Consulting, Staff Augmentation, and Business Process Outsourcing Services. Focus on IT Services and proven Track Record Servicing the Fortune 1000 enterprises' needs since 200x. Technical partnerships and multi-tiered relations with the leading product vendors, trained & certified resources, forward-looking R&D training in emerging technologies and R&D provides the edge aided by framework and patterns-based development helps build reusable components and architectural frameworks. We serve a wide array of industries including Healthcare/ Insurance, Pharma/ Medical Devices, IT/ Technology, Telecom, Retail and Distribution, Energy & Utilities, Banking/ Finance, Manufacturing, Automobile, Media, Transportation, and Government Sectors. Being a local US company with robust offshore capability, we can bring to bear highly skilled domain experts as well as a high-quality, process-driven, offshore delivery model that is scalable, flexible and cost-effective which helps reduce the turn-around time.

Why Us

Our ideology circles around building an exceptional Customer Experience. SanKar Inc. stands for quality, excellent products, highly efficient processes, and outstanding results. The success of our company is derived from the individual success of our customers and employees.

To be known as the best and trusted partner in meeting staffing needs and career growth and to change the perception of recruitment by devoting ourselves to the happiness of our clients, candidates and staff.

The Mission at SanKar Inc. has been to provide exceptional staff augmentation services to clients in a fair and transparent manner by providing timely, accurate, high value solutions. staff.

Our Values
SanKar Inc. pledges to adhere to the following principles and believes that these practices are in the best interest of our customers and our employees.

Trust and Integrity To comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business, and to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in the operation of our business and its dealings with employees, clients, and competitors. Every relationship with us begins with trust and an appreciation for common goals. In our interactions with our clients, partners, and employees, our commitment is always to do the right thing

Respect To treat every individual with respect; drawing strength from equal opportunity and diversity, while at the same time, supporting personal growth and development.

Commitment and Professionalism We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, to pursue innovation, deploy imagination, be open to new ideas, and to act decisively and consistently.

Relentless quest for customer satisfaction We take customer satisfaction very seriously and put all our efforts in fulfilling them. We carry out this commitment by providing the highest level of value to our clients through exceptional, responsive, and efficient delivery of services. We wouldn't be in business without them, and we are in business for them and with them. Serving them with the highest quality of solutions and resource offerings is a value very dear to us.

Open Environment We listen, learn, and help selflessly in our interactions with others. We embrace change, respect diverse viewpoints and are inclusive. We identify opportunities and proactively seek areas for improvement in processes and encourage diverse viewpoints.


Staff Augmentation

With companies adopting more aggressive growth and expansion strategies, the need to augment efficient staff at an accelerated pace has become the need of the hour. Many organizations today seek both the flexibility to obtain resources when and where needed and the ability to “gear up” for projects that require specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally.

Staff augmentation can help you achieve a number of business goals including aggressive time-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development, and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development. Sankar Inc. Staff Augmentation Solutions let you protect and optimize the most crucial and variable part to business progress-your workforce.

This sudden surge in the demand for highly talented manpower calls for the assistance of a specialist. Sankar Inc. offers flexibility to your HR function, by providing the services of a highly dedicated team, on demand, that can help augment top talent in a time efficient manner.

How SanKar Inc. Brings You the Best Staff Augmentation Solution?

Access to resource pool: SanKar Inc. specialists have access to the necessary resources, databases, technologies, networks and expertise to scan the local and global markets to find the best possible match for your skill set requirement.

Screening customized to your requirements: Our screening experts don't just stop at finding the right skill match for you, but go further to ensure that the candidate possesses the right focus and commitment to align with your objectives, add value and evolve with the enterprise. With the flexibility in Ramping up and down of resources, Staff levels can be managed to be at productive levels all year.

Time to market: With a dedicated Human Resource management partner at your disposal, you can be assured of talent needs being fulfilled at an accelerated pace, as our consultants take care of the preliminary selection and screening processes, saving you precious time. Also, since the resources are pre-screened for the necessary skills, limited training is needed before the new employee becomes productive thus reducing training cost.

Bench strength: Adequate bench maintained as a backup and active pipeline managed for scalability on short notices.

Leveraging our experience: Our Human Resource and Relationship specialists are capable of and are trained not only to manage, but also motivate talented professionals, so that they deliver their best in alignment with your organization's objectives. With a high absorption and low dropout rate, SanKar Inc. boasts of a staff augmentation solution that is both, cost effective and high quality.

We provide following Staff Augmentation Services

  • • Information Technology
  • • Non-Information Technology
  • • Non-Clinical
  • • Light Industrial
  • • Short-Term Staffing
  • • Long-Term Staffing
  • • Contingent Labor Programs
  • • Temp-to-Hire Programs
  • • Direct Hire Programs
  • • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • • Managed Services
  • • Customized Solutions as per client needs.


We plan it with you || We built it for you || We promote it for you

Business Application: Competitiveness in the global marketplace requires speed and agility at every level. Businesses must respond quickly to meet customer demand, improve speed to market, react swiftly to changing market conditions and constantly seek gains in productivity and profitability. A sophisticated business application platform is critical to achieving these objectives. Business Application development software to real-world problems requires leading technology and an expert team. Our professional programmers are developing all sorts of application software may need including games, educational software, office applications, internet software, utilities, text and graphics editors, communication software.

Web Development: In today’s market website development plays a vital role for an organization. It is a onetime investment with huge returns. Web development solutions find its way in the implementation of business policies on the web by the use of data services. If you are looking for software consultant to develop your web application or website then SanKar Inc. is the stoppage for you as it provides practical and reliable advises for your business. SanKar Inc. is an expert in web development solutions. It provides services across the globe which is within the budget and is customer-centric.

SanKar Inc web development focusing areas are :

  • • Web Application Development
  • • Web and Enterprise Portal Development
  • • Web Design and Development

Oracle EBS Managed services

Our Oracle experts deliver the most reliable and cost-effective Oracle EBS Application Maintenance, Support, Patch Management and Testing Service using automation platforms.

We will help you navigate all the options that come with the Oracle E-Business Suite, and set you on the road to success with the following:

  • • Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • • Integration with Fusion Middleware components
  • • Oracle EBS upgrade planning and execution
  • • Integration with Oracle Cloud Applications
  • • Oracle EBS operational support
  • • Single sign-on configuration
  • • Migration to engineered systems
  • • Cloud migration planning and deployment
  • • Oracle database integration and configuration


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